Meet our Trustees

Mrs Luana Smith (MBE) – Chair

I have been doing voluntary work with the Chinese community since my student days, leading to a great deal more voluntary work as well as paid work. This includes being a medical interpreter, a member of the Criminal Justice Board Diversity Panel and providing training on food hygiene courses.

I have been the Chairperson of the following: Hull Chinese Cultural Centre, CJS – Combined Ethnic Communities, Hull & East Riding Race Equality Council: Personal Committee, Education and Training Committee and Executive Committee, Humberside Police Force Independent Advisory Group. HANA HR and Volunteering Sub-Committee.

At present, I am the Chairperson of: Hon Lok Senior Association, Humber Black Practitioners & Learners Network, This has given me an opportunity to work with very diverse groups of people and has enabled me to increase my knowledge many times over. With my knowledge and qualifications, including a Masters Degree in “Racism & Ethnicity Studies”, I have been providing Diversity and Quality Training to the Criminal Justice Board. I am also a “Faith Matters” trainer for Hull City Council.

With my training and experience, I have skills and knowledge about equal opportunities, people from diverse backgrounds as well as local health and social care issues. I also have excellent communication skills, including the ability to review documents and to produce reports for the Criminal Justice Board.

I am married with two grown up children, in the teaching profession and have lived in Hull for over 30 years.


Augustin Ngoufack – Vice Chair

I settled in the City of Hull in 2002, and around the same time the Cameroon Cultural Association, CamCA, was established to cater for the welfare of Cameroonians in Hull and beyond. Since then, I have been an active member and at various times served in the executive committee as treasurer and presently as the President of the Association.

It has been a great learning curve for me and the organisation. Our long standing membership in HANA has provided a window of participation and corporation with other organisations as well as provided skills to deal with community issues. Indeed, I have been encouraged to take my openness to the Board of Trustees.


Darren Trice FCMA – Treasurer

Darren is a Chartered Management Accountant with 21 years experience working with fast growing SME businesses – 16 years as Finance Director/Financial Controller – 5 years in chartered accountancy practice. Darren has significant experience of running and advising SME businesses, both as Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer.

He has developed a successful track record of working with businesses looking to implement growth strategies, and also with underperforming companies needing to change and adapt to challenging situations. Darren has worked with a number of small and medium sized companies, with annual turnovers varying from £300’000 to in excess of £35 million, and has undertaken full business reviews covering profit generation and growth, cost control, cash flow management and strategic analysis.

The hallmark of his approach is developing tailored situations that the company is capable of achieving, building capacity and competence at a pace it can cope with and afford, whilst without taking an unnecessary risk.

Darren has the ability to get closely alongside the management team whilst remaining independent, and is able to grasp and analyse situations quickly and therefore to be able to offer practical and cost effective solutions.

His key attributes include being commercially astute, insightful, wise counsel, original thinker, challenging, personal and ethical.

AS a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Director, his academic credentials give him a rigorous analytical approach to problem-solving. His corporate and board experience has created an in-depth knowledge of company operations in a number of sectors. This together with his hands-on commercial approach and strong communication skills has contributed to his successful leadership of a number of business advisory roles in the SME business sector.


Abel Rivera

Abel was the Chief Officer from July 2010 until January 2017 when he resigned to pursue another career but joined the Board from January 2018.

Abel came to Hull in 1995 to study parliamentary politics at The University of Hull.

Abel has worked all his life to help people who need support. I see my job as an opportunity to help others to improve their chances of success in our local communities.


Pastor Isaac

Pastor Olumide Isaac Aleshinloye is the Parish Pastor. He oversees the general affairs of the church, provides pastoral counsel for the congregation members and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Church office.

He is a seasoned man of God with ongoing success in church planting and growth, people development and spiritual counselling. He is responsible for implementing new strategies for driving the Church forward and initiatives of impacting the local community. His love for the work of God is greatly manifested in his unparalleled approach to effectively discharging the duties of the kingdom. His care and love for his church members is second to none, always labouring in love for the edification of the body of Christ at the Amazing Grace Chapel.

He is married to Pastor (Mrs) Olayinka Aleshinloye and they are blessed with two children.


Dr Pedram Saeid

Pedram   is   a   PhD   graduate   from   the   politics   department   of   University   of   Hull.   He   is   now   a   research   associate   to the   Centre   for   Legislative   Studies,   University   of   Hull.   He   is   a   foreign   policy   advisor   to   many   Persian   Gulf countries   and   has   also   counselled   private   companies   on   Middle   Eastern   issues.   Pedram   has   published   several journal   articles   in   political   studies.   He   is   co-auther   of   best-selling   book   titled   Development   of   Iranian-Saudi Relationship published in 2016 by Routledge.