Children in Need

Funder: BBC CiN

Duration: 18 months


Whilst the effect of Covid-19 has been difficult for everyone, young people in particular have suffered disproportionately. Lack of schooling, support from established networks of close friends, impact on family budgets and some local services temporarily suspended are just a few examples. As with all disadvantaged groups it is expected these issues will affect children and young people from BAME backgrounds harder.

Our Children in Need project provides children from BAME and local communities up to the age of 18 in Hull and East Riding with a range of opportunities to help tackle the effects Covid-19 has had on their physical and mental wellbeing. These opportunities include:

  • Activities and events to reduce social isolation
  • Sports and active recreation
  • Arts and crafts
  • Family based activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Trips

The relaxation, enjoyment and self-esteem that children experience through these activities, along with new networks of support will empower them to not only cope with life during the pandemic but beyond and into adulthood.