HANA really appreciates any support that you can give especially during these difficult times.  We work with some of the most vulnerable families in Hull and they need your support.

Thank you so much for your continued support during these unprecedented times.

It means so much to everyone at HANA and especially for the people that we are able to support.

 HANA Covid Food Project

Ensuring that BAME families have been able to eat during Covid-19 has been one of HANAs key priorities.

Our small team has been working really hard to support BAME families in many different communities to access food.  One of the issues of Covid-19 has been the way that it has amplified deprivation and inequality.  Many BAME communities in Hull and the wider East Riding have been disproportionately impacted through the loss of earnings, reduced access to services and poor living conditions.

As many BAME people are employed through Agencies Covid-19 has exposed the very fragile boundary between regular income and becoming vulnerable. We know that BAME families have been using existing Foodbanks in the area.  HANA would like to support these families by ensuring that they are able to have regular access to food that is culturally sympathetic to the needs of these families.

If you are able to give a gift today, you’ll help us make sure we can support BAME families with the basic food essentials that they need at the is time

Thank You.