Funding Secured for New Project

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Members of HANA, I am glad to inform you that we have secured a two year funding from the Social Prescribing Grant to provide a ‘Health and wellbeing Community Hub’ for the benefit of individuals and families from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Hull.

The project would introduce a health and wellbeing aspect to HANA’s current community development based work, where we will offer sessions to the memberships for a start and then get into the wider communities who currently do not use any of our services.

We will do this by focusing on bringing people together for healthy social activities to reduce loneliness and associated negative mental health due to social isolation.

Where language barriers are often an issue, HANA’s staff, volunteers, and members speak a range of languages and therefore can often break down the communication barriers faced, so they can for example translate health service letters and therefore aid the access to health services by non-English speaking members of the community.

For further information on how to refer and contact the project team, you can either email or call

Email: or

Telephone: 01482491177

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