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Please find below the following course available to you:

24 June – Thinking about funding applications – an introduction to voluntary and community sector funding, and grant-readiness
This first session will give a general overview of the ways that organisations can fund themselves. It will focus on what funders need from you in order to convince them to provide funding with a particular focus on grant funding. It will also be an opportunity for you to raise the issues that you would like information and support with to help you find funding for your group.

Future sessions include:

2 July – Small grants – some local sources of funding and what you need to know to apply. Representatives from the Wharfedale Foundation, and the Two Ridings Community Foundation will be joining us to tell you more about their grants and what makes a good application.

9 July – Funding searches – where to find information about funding – this session will introduce you to some sources of information about grants and funding so that you can do your own searches

16 July – budgets and project plans – make your applications better and more convincing – this session looks at how to plan a project and make sure your budget is reasonable and convincing to give funders confidence in your work. Funders only have limited amounts of money to give you. They need to see that every penny will be effective and well spent.

23 July – Outcomes – how to convince funders your work will make a positive difference – this session looks at the one thing most organisations find hardest to write about in their funding applications. Outcomes are the changes that come out of your work – for example people becoming healthier, or having better opportunities in life. The trick is proving that changes happen in people’s lives, and being able to tell funders about it. That’s what makes your funding application really interesting to funders.

30 July – it’s not all about grants – raising funds in other ways – this session will give an overview of other forms of income, such as fundraising from the public, trading, social-investment and in-kind support and where to find more information.

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