Hate Crime Reporting Centre

Don’t tolerate it, REPORT IT!

We are a ‘Hate Crime Reporting Centre’ and work very closely with the Humberside Police to support people who have been the victim of hate crime.

If you have been a victim or witnessed abuse and you believe it was due to race, beliefs, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, transgender or disability, please report this crime. You can contact us to report the crime and we will do our best to help you and help you to be in contact with the Police.

All HANA staff has received training on identifying what constitutes a hate crime and how we can assist victims of hate crime. If you can to discuss any particular incident, or if you are unsure about what constitutes a hate crime, please contact any HANA staff.

Assistance can be provided for contacting us using languages other than English, or persons with a disability.

You can contact us also to obtain a hate crime report form, or alternatively you can contact us using the details below.

Humber All Nations Alliance, The Community Enterprise Centre, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU5 2DH.

Tel. 01482 491177

E-mail: admin@hanaonline.org.uk


Other useful Contact Details

Report online

Website: www.humberside.police.uk

E-mail: hatecrime@humberside.pnn.police.uk

Emergency: 999

Hate Crime Reporting Line (24hrs): 03001234283

Mobile (Text only) Support Number: 07772867343

Or request office location details to report it in person.