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Patient Prospectus




From April 2013, the way the NHS in England is organised has changed. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), are now responsible for the planning and buying (also known as commissioning) of hospital, community health and mental health services.

NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group CCG is led by a membership of 57 local GP practices. The CCG has a budget of around £362m to commission health services to meet the needs of the people of Hull. Our vision is to Create a Healthier Hull, and in order to achieve this we work in close collaboration with our partners to improve health, reduce health inequality and secure excellent services for all the communities in Hull.

Primary care services such as GPs and dentists, and some other specialist services are commissioned  directly by NHS England (the newly formed National Commissioning Board). Public health services, such as support to stop smoking or lose weight are now the responsibility of local authorities.

For the next three years NHS Hull CCG has agreed to prioritise four main areas of work. These priority areas have been drawn together following a wide- ranging consultation process involving doctors, other health professionals, patients and the public.

The four priority areas are:

Primary care (including better management of long term conditions)

Unplanned care (such as emergency health services)

Planned  care (such as outpatient appointments and planned operations)

Partnerships (covering mental health services, learning disability services, children and young people services and maternity services)

More detail about our key initiatives and our aims in relation to each of these priority areas.

Our full Commissioning Strategy is available at or a printed copy can be obtained by calling (01482) 344700.

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