Delivery of Race Equality in BME Mental Health

Delivering Race Equality (Mental Health)

What is Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA)

HANA is a charity whose aim is to promote the well being of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities by providing, amongst other things, advocacy and representation in service provision.  HANA is working in conjunction with Humber Mental Health Trust to deliver this project.


Community Development Service

Community Development is about working with local people to develop more relevant solutions to local issues.  Unpinning community development is an empowering approach that respects local views and opinion and focuses on shared learning.

The Community Develpoment team are dedicated to working with Black and Ethnic communities with the aim of improving mental health services and wellbeing.  The team encourages open debate about the meaning of mental and how that differs from community to community.  The teams aim is to work in partnership with local communities to create and develop culturally sensitive services which will meet the needs of a diverse community.


Why BME Communities?

There are different understandings of the meaning of mental health, the support availiable and what to expect.  Sometimes services do not address their specific needs or reflect individual cultures.  Because of this and differing experiences a circle of fear can exist.

By BME communities, we mean anyone who does not think of themselves as White British.  For example

*Black Afro Carribean                    *Chinese

*Refugees & Asylum Seekers         *Indian

*Bangladeshi                                 *Pakistani

*Irish                                             *Eastern Europeans

*Mediterranean origin                    *Gypsies/Travellers


Our Vision

To improve the mental Health and wellbeing of the BME communities and to enrich their experiences of accessing culturally sensitive mental health services.

  • We believe that people can influence change and transform the way they understand access to mental health services.
  • We are committed to equalitiy and social inclusion and the building of active and inclusive communities.
  • We believe mental health and wellbeing involves a mixture of cultural, physical, spiritual, emotional and social factors.
  • We will reduce the stigma of mental health issues by developing training awareness that considers cultural sensitivities.
  • We will work in partnership to make positive changes and the development of culturally sensitive mental health service provision.
  • We are committed to improving the quality of life and the experiences of those who access mental health services


The Community Development Workers will act as:

Change Agents –

Identifying gaps in services avaliable and developing innotive practice in delivering mental health care.

Service Developers –

Promoting joint working, cultural awareness, jointly delivering education and training.

Capacity Builders –

Working with BME communities to enable them to meaningfully become involved in mental health care and promotion.

Access Facilitators –

Helping to overcome language and cultural barriers when accessing mental health services.


Who we work with

We will work with anyone who is interested in improving the mental health of BME communities in Hull and the East Riding.  We work in partnership with Humber Mental Health Trust and the diverse range of service provision supporting the positive promotion of mental health and well being for the BME community.

We work with individuals or groups.  If for example you feel you are on you own we will support you to identify someone to shere your concerns with or access a specific service to meet your needs.  Or if you are isolated we may be able to support you to access community support or activities that meet your cultural needs.