Employability Training Programme

This is a new personalised tailored support service which is funded by the Working Neighbourhoods Fund Small Grant Pot. This is a FREE service was created by HANA to help members of the Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) population to return to the employment process through a variety of progression routes and at their own pace.

The service is to tackle the issue of unemployment, primarily aiming at involving the target groups but will also include potential employers to help them reinforce their awareness of the diversity of personal circumstances faced by individuals.
Networking with statutory services and organisations like Goodwin, Job Centre, Jobsteps, Giroscope and many more, provides the diversity and accessibility to resources much needed for the world of employment as this programmes aim is to break down barriers which BME’s are faced with when entering employment in the UK.

Target Groups
–    BME Communities
–    Unemployed
–    Anyone aged 16 to 65
–    Those in need of support to gaining further vocational training
–    Those in need of support to gaining job searching skills
–    Those lacking in skills to access the labor market

The project aims to tackle unemployment within BME communities as they are faced with diverse circumstances and to create awareness of these barriers.

Barriers Faced by BME’s

Known Barriers 
– Language
– Lack of Cultural awareness
– Lack of Confidence
– Lack of Information and Knowledge
– Pace of Training a mismatch of cultural expectations
– Labour market changes
– Geography
– Lack of capacity in the voluntary and community sector

Overcoming Barriers
– Link with Esol Class
– Use translators from community within the training
– Build Confidence/ Cultural sensitivity training
– Information and guidance delivered at the pace of the target group
– Volunteering opportunities
– Training to gain new skills

Services Provided
– Advice on training opportunities
– Advice on volunteering opportunities to gain new skills and reinforce self-esteem and confidence
– Signposting services for those who do not speak English as their first language to attend ESOL lessons
– A programme of training to increase employability and confidence
– Job search support including support provided  by some deliverers of employment services
– One to One sessions
– Support with CV writing that enhances the individuals profiles
– Skills and aptitude assessments and matching their analysis with job description and personal  specification statements
– Support and training to attend job interviews, including opportunities for mock interviews and rehearsals.