Volunteering for HANA

HANA is committed to promoting the wellbeing of BME communities by providing a voice and advocate on their behalf, and by representing their interests in a range of influential or decision-making contexts. Volunteering is one way that people from the local community can be involved, giving them the opportunity to become representatives of BME communities.

HANA supports and promotes community action and volunteering. We at HANA are committed to deliver quality of services, and believe that volunteers can offer valuable contributions, diversity, skills and experience.

HANA volunteers make a commitment to support the work of the organisation in order to enhance the provision of services available to BME communities. This typically inclues acting as representatives for HANA in community meetings and events alongside with members of staff. HANA involves volunteers in all projects and events and we always aim at making volunteering for HANA an rewarding experience.


HANA is committeed to the following volunteering values and principles:

  • We will not introduce volunteers to replace paid staff.
  • We aim at volunteers having a defined place and role in the structure of the organisation.
  • We strive to integrate volunteers in our our teams and trat them as valuable members of the teams.
  • We value and support volunteers through a comprenhensive induction process and opening up opportunities for them to attend training.
  • We encourage volunteers to develop and build on existing skills and knowledge through sharing good practice within HANA’s volunteering training and development scheme.


HANA volunteers will receive support and regular supervision in order to enhance their skills further. They are invited to members meetings and other organisational events. There is always an allocated member of staff with whom volunteers may discuss any issues relating to their voluntary work. Volunteers are entitled to receive out of pocket expenses as incurred while volunteering for HANA in line with ur volunteering handbook.


HANA seeks to recuit volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds that reflect the make up of the local community. Our group of volunteers is one of the most diverse in the local and regional voluntary and community sector.


If you want to get involved please contact our volunteer co-ordinator on 01482 491177 or e-mail: rasul@hanaonline.org.uk. Alternatively you can contact any member of staff to find out about volunteering opportunities in HANA.