Successful Ethnic Communities Forum

The Ethnic Communities Forum met as usual the first Wednesday of the month. On 2nd December 2015 the members of the forum met at the Humber All Nations Alliance to listen the speaker from Messmarc, Hekima Busara, who presented a paper on the work Messmarc does to address the issues of HIV. This was in the context of the international week of awareness on HIV, and members of the diverse communities had questions and comments around this crucial issue. The forum brings together diverse communities to discuss issues that affect their lives. The joint chair of the Forum, Brigitta Laszlo (pictured on the left), commented that the success of the forum is the result of the leadership and enthusiasm of the community groups members of the forum. The next forum meeting is on Wednesday 2nd March 2015 @ 44 Portland Street, HU2 8JX. For further information contact Brigitta Laszlo on 01482 491177.

Recent image of an Ethnic Communities Forum