Health, advice and remedies
Health, advice and remedies







Pharmacists are qualified experts who can offer health advice and remedies for a range of minor medical problems, without the need for an appointment.  Visit or contact NHS 111 to find your nearest pharmacy.

Pharmacists dispense medicines prescribed by your GP and can offer advice on a range of common conditions including:

• bugs and viruses

• minor injuries

• tummy troubles

• women’s health

• skin conditions

• allergies

• aches and pains

• children’s ailments

Some pharmacies can offer additional services including:

• emergency contraception

• truss fittings

• incontinence supplies

• needle exchange and supervised drug administration

• pregnancy testing

• stop smoking services

• medicines use reviews

• chlamydia screening and treatment

• weight management

The Hull Community Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme

The Hull Community  Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme offers advice and treatment to people who don’t pay for their prescriptions.  This means that if you or your child needs treatment, you can receive advice and appropriate medicine from the pharmacy without the need for a prescription or a GP appointment.

You do not need an appointment at the pharmacy but you do need to be registered with a Hull GP.

Some of the conditions included in the scheme are eye infections, hay fever, cold sores, acne, pain and high temperature, cystitis and thrush, diarrhoea/constipation and indigestion, threadworms, teething and nappy rash. To find out more, please call in at your local Pharmacy.

Details for pharmacies operating extended hours or out of hours can be found by visiting or contacting NHS 111