Support for people with long-term conditions

expert patients programme
expert patients programme







Improve your quality of life with a FREE course to help you take control of your condition. The course is led by trained volunteer tutors who are living with a long term health condition, so they understand the difficulties and can speak from first hand experience.

Many patients have gained the life skills to cope with a chronic condition or mild to moderate anxiety or depression, and there is increasing evidence that patients, with proper support, can take a lead in ‘self-managing’ their conditions.

expert patientsThe free six week course – one 21/2  hour session per week – covers:

• dealing with pain and extreme tiredness

• coping with depression,  stress and low self image

• finding ways to relax

• healthy eating and exercise

• communicating more effectively

• triggers and symptom relapse awareness

• planning for the future

The programme  is an opportunity to meet other people with long-term health problems or mental health issues, to share experiences and learn new skills.

If you have one or more long-term conditions you could benefit from this programme.  Speak to your GP to see if the course is suitable for you.